Ultimate Robot Fighting Review for Android

Ultimate Robot Fighting

Despite the flashy title, Ultimate Robot Fighting is a very humble mobile fighting game that features head to head matches between teams of up to three robotic combatants. The game features a wide array of fighters, upgrades, boosts, and exotic locales to do battles in. the action is straightforward, the combat is simple, and there is not much in terms of eye-catching effects. What it does offer is a pretty solid combat gameplay that never feels cheap or one sided. Getting into the heat of the action is easy thanks to the way that the controls have been streamlined in order to make combat much for fun and engaging.

Delivers Simple Action

Ultimate Robot Fighting is basically what you get when you play Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile without the DC licensed heroes and swap them all out with fighting robots. The character designs for the fighting machines look pretty nice and each contender has its own unique look and style of fighting. Of course, as different as each fighters moves and attacks are, the general control system for all fighters remains the same. Players will assemble their team of fighters, do battle to earn coins, then buy new fighters or upgrades that will help you defeat the tougher enemies that will appear as you play the game.

This Looks a Bit Familiar

The simplistic character models and overall visuals of the game make it look like a previous generation title. The robot fighters would not feel out of place in the original Virtua Fighter series. In terms of design, they all look unique and different enough that you can easily tell one robot apart from another. But much like the western depiction of robots, then all seem to follow a certain style of mold. This is different from games such as Tech Romancer on the Sega Dreamcast - https://segaretro.org/Tech_Romancer where each combatant is a representative of a different school of thought in mech design. The robots you see in URF are fighters that belong in a ring.

Ultimate Robot Fighting's interface is easy to get around in. That is, if you have the patience to sift through a cacophony of ads that help support the game (or banners that nag you about the premium content that the game has for sale). There are a ton of different upgrades and settings for each fighter making the game one of the more customisable robot fighter games - http://www.friendlyrobotics.co.uk/robot-fighting-games.html, separate from the many mech games available, so being able to navigate the game's menus come in pretty handy once you start configuring your fighters. Naturally, knowing how to set upgrades and boosts on your fighters is very important especially if you want do well in the game's harder battles.

Taps and Swipes

The game system is pretty simple. Players fight with robots that they select and add to their teams. Unlocking new robots is done with a random card system where you can pull using credits or premium currency. There is also a battery meter which is basically a self-recovering stamina bar that determines how many matches you can fight in a single sitting. Anyway, if you have the energy and a team ready to fight, you can jump straight into a match. Battles usually consist of a pre-determined team count versus enemies. You can have a full 3 versus 3 matchup or unique battles where it's just 2 on 2 or even 3 on 1. The variations basically change depending on the stage that you are currently at.

The combat itself is very simple. Tapping on the screen allows for basic attacks that can be strung together as combos. Connect several hits and the game will prompt you with a swiping action that would lead to a combo finisher for extra damage. There are also gesture commands for blocking which is important for those moments when you are open for attacks. Ideally, it is preferable to play safe -block your opponent's moves and then unleash a combo when have an opening. The game has an extremely low chip damage rate, so getting killed while blocking is unlikely.

Bring Out the Big Guns

Each time you land a hit or are damaged, your super meter at the bottom of the screen glows. There are three stages to the super bar and depending on what upgrades you have unlocked, each new stage of the meter unlocks a new special move. Naturally, the higher the power meter charge, the more powerful an attack you can unleash. These abilities will have an additional gesture sequence for you to do once you execute the move. This will either involve tapping or swiping the screen a lot of times in order to build up a damage counter. This affects how much additional damage you attack will do on top of its base damage. Naturally, you will want to boost that number all the way to 200% in order to get the maximum value of the attack.

While the early matches of the game can be fought and won with basic attacks and combos, you will find that as the game progresses, the effectiveness and power of special attacks become the core of the game. Players have to balance the use of tier one specials repeatedly or to save up the bar for a tier 3 attack depending on the situation. Some enemies are so tough to deal with that quickly removing huge chunks of life with tier 3 specials is the only thing you can do. On the other hand, there are times when alternating between tier 2 and tier 1 moves becomes more prudent as you will have to effectively defeat a full team of 3 robot challengers.

Just a Few Sprockets More

For fans of robot games, Ultimate Robot Fighting's developers may seem quite familiar, and they should be. Reliance Entertainment is the same team that handled the Real Steel mobile games (Real Steel World Robot Boxing - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumpgames.rswrb). For some reason, they seem to have decided that they should make their own brand of robot-themed fighting now. Still, it is easy to see that much of the content of URF is inspired by the RSWRF, especially with the aesthetics for the robot designs. Of course, URF is a pretty nice game on its own for those of you looking for some robot crunching action.