Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2

If you happen to be a fan of arena shooter games, then you don't have to look further than Strike Force Heroes 2, a flash-based example of the genre that is probably one of the best you'll ever play. The original Strike Force Heroes had an impressive 15 levels in campaign mode, each with its own unique map as well as four hero classes and a generous quantity of weapons specific to each of these heroes.

This sequel does the honourable sequel duty of maintaining what was brilliant about the first game and using it as a foundation to build on. Sky9 Games have added new weapons, penned some variations in storyline, introduced new heroes, and have pulled out all the stops when designing the impressive-looking levels to make this the best Strike Force Heroes game yet.

As an arena-based title, the gameplay is centred on battling against enemy forces in a level that is enclosed, with enemies spawning from various locations that you must kill. Each round is basically a battle to see which team can attain the most kills, or fulfil other criteria like capture a flag or perhaps team up against a boss-like character.

Movement is the standard directional arrow/WASD orientation, with R for reload, Q to switch weapon, and the mouse/mouse button 1 to control the movement of the crosshair and to fire the gun respectively. You don't lose lives during matches, but because of the arena style you instead re-spawn after a few seconds to join back in with the battle.

Progress is made in the game by both making your way through campaign mode, but because the levels get more difficult, you are able to level up your soldiers by gaining experience for your team ever time you kill an enemy. Levelling up allows you purchase weapons that are better and more powerful, ranging from pistols right through to machineguns and launchers of various explosives. The inventory system is very flexible and allows you to swap out primary and secondary weapons very easily by simple clicking and selecting as is the case in the big arena-style games like Call of Duty.

Strike Force Heroes 2

Different classes of hero make the game all the more interesting to play, with an Engineer, Sniper, General, Juggernaut, and Mercenary all available for choosing both before and during the levels. Each has their own advantage in terms of stats and specialise in particular weapons. Some levels are suited more for one of these specific types so changing up quite regularly is recommended and is a good strategy that gives you a better chance of beating a level.

It is difficult to convey the magnificent graphics and general visual style of the game in writing but the game has undergone some definite refining, though it has kept its humorous, tongue-in-cheek parodying of action films. It also has a custom match mode to keep things interesting. Strike Force Heroes 2 is the best flash game of its genre and demands admiration from all.